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  How to Create xtgem website

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PostSubject: How to Create xtgem website   Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:39 am

In the world all people want to be a famous. All want to creating web site for fun, business, entertainment and much more opinions of his intrest
we are providing a complete information to create your own website in xtgem.Com and hosting and more space to using.
For a creating websetting website we have a knowledge of HTML and web designing must.
In this way you are creating your own website without HTML and other knowledge.
Now we start the creating website with
first you have a internet connection in mobile or computer
open [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

click on register
select your username{website} name
select your domain name
choose your password
retype your password
write a confirmation code which is shown in below image
e.g.= 11y52
the window opened in following options
* create
* file browser
* templates
* earning
* statistics
* settings
* contact/support
* description
* automatic login
now for editing your website
select a create option
'+'- add new entry
'-'- remove any entry
'E'- edit current entry
click on<+>this sign you can edit following options
( text )- add a texts
( link )- place a link
( image )- place your favorite image
( new page )- add a new page in your website
( file )- place a file
( image link )- place an image and give link
( new line )- add new line in your website
( align )- select your alignment<e.g.= center, left, right>
( code )- place a html code
( xt function )- add a xt function

Use this function you have create files, folders, in your website and you also upload your file in your website.

use of this option you have select ur theme for all your xHTML document in your website.

for this option you have place addvertise in your site and start to earning on per click.

For this option providing you to your site visits info in
hits this hour
hits today
hits this week
hits this month
total hits

helps to in
= change your current password
= give your e-mail id to recover your password
= creator to manage advertisement and sorting options
= you will purchase and park a domain name
= you can change your look and fill of image and tips are hide or unhide

use oe this you will be contact with admins of like
~ support request
~ complaints
~ feature requests
~ report bug
~ success stories
~ general/others
~ report abuse

You have write a discription to your site to serchengins search your website

{ 9 } @logoff
always click on logoff after completing your work in your website
if you dont logoff then your website editing anyone so after complete work click to logoff

GOODLUCK GUYS ...........

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How to Create xtgem website
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